DSC Pacific LLC is the conduit of information from Manufacturer to Customer. "Nothing happens until something is sold" is truer now that ever before.

We strive to present products in a timely fashion and facilitate the sale of these products. Since 1991 DSC Pacific has represented quality manufacturers to the plumbing, industrial, building and showroom industries with professionalism and pride.

Lee Davis started DSC Pacific in 1991 because of his love of the plumbing business. He has three children who have all worked with him at DSC over the years. He enjoys camping with his wife while not at work and can always be caught with a good book.

Amanda Danstrom started working at DSC Pacific in December of 2015 following her graduation from San Jose State University. She enjoys traveling with her family and reading.

Russ Harrison started working at DSC Pacific in June of 2016. He loves spending time with his wife and son and loves traveling the United States. He is also a huge football fan. Go Chiefs!

Jeff Davis started working at DSC Pacific part-time in 2012 until graduating from University of California Santa Cruz. He is now a fulltime Sales Manager. Jeff loves to travel and is a big fan of the San Jose Sharks.

Mark Villanueva started working for DSC Pacific in March of 2018. He has more than 35 years of experience in sales, and truly enjoys building working relationships. Married with three adult children and five grandchildren, family life keeps him busy. In his spare time you can find him by a lake or river where he loves to fish.